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Unbiased Review of EduBirdie Essay Writing Services

Student life is practically the same everywhere – lectures, lessons, exams, and of course, essay or dissertation submissions. A good number of students dread the last part. This is because not everyone has essay writing as a strong point. I am one of such people. I love calculations and experiments, but don’t really find essays interesting.

For our final assessment in History of Medicine, we were to write on specific topics pointed out to us by our instructor. She assigned me “The discovery of blood groups” on Monday, and my paper was due to Thursday. Unfortunately, I had such a really difficult week due to other exams. By Wednesday afternoon I was too exhausted to search for any information on that topic. I decided to search for online help. Now, I had been warned by a couple of friends about the chances of falling into the hands of scammers who were out for my money while providing me with bad results. My search online, therefore was with both fingers and toes crossed.

Review of EduBirdie.com Essay Writing Services


I came across a group of Edubirdie.com essay reviews. While a few were not so promising, the rest were detailed wordings from satisfied customers. After reading those reviews I decided to visit EduBirdie and look around for myself.

I found design of EduBirdie very welcoming. The method of use was very simple too – just email plus choosing a type of assignment. A list of available services was displayed in two neat columns:

  • Writing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Help with math problems.

Also, all writers were shown with their own qualifications. Howbeit, I decided to browse out other services, to see if there was a better offer. After an hour of web surfing and reading lots of reviews, I returned back to Edubirdie.com essay writing company and went through its pages, word for word. I was impressed – the information was very detailed and organized. I’ve decided to do my own essay service review on Edubirdie.com after receiving my paper.

Online Essay Writing Service Review How Edubirdie Works

I entered my mail, logged in and got in touch with customer service on the live chat system – a really polite young lady who explained to me about the process of ordering an essay. I declined from choosing a writer; however, asked that a person handling my essay should be versed in medicine. There was an option submitting a support ticket, but I opted for the chat because needed an instant response. Also there was a limited time to wait for a reply based on a support ticket; my paper was due Thursday morning after all.


While waiting to get in touch with my writer, my eyes scanned through the samples that were at EduBirdie.com. I practically enjoyed reading through them. The content, though not related to my field was really captivating and detailed. And then I found materials that offered help for students struggling to compose their own essays. This totally sealed my respect for this team.

Essay Review of Guarantees of Edubirdie.com

I got in touch with my writer finally, and after explaining my dilemma, he agreed to help me. I was quite nervous about the essay being absolutely pristine because it carried a huge chunk of my exam marks. One tiny mistake and all my term’s work would be flushed down the pipes.

I paid for my paper – good thing I needed just a page. I was told to expect it in four hours. That sounded very reasonable, and I decided to wait. My curiosity made me click on one of the names mentioned as part of the team. This man had quite the qualifications, and customer reviews directed at him were positive and straight to the chase. I checked out almost all writers and read all reviews, and was finally convinced to a good level that my paper was in reliable hands and there was nothing to worry about.

Essay Review Service Edubirdie Writers

I was also relieved to find out that Edubirdie.com writing service operated with a refunding policy and my money could be returned if things went awry for any reason.

Finally, my paper was ready. The writer got in touch with me, and even offered to hang online for a few hours if I needed any revisions. This was despite the fact that it was quite late. I sat behind my table, perusing through every nook and cranny of the paper. I was really satisfied. There were no mistakes, the use of English was commendable and the content focused fully on my topic without unnecessary side comments. I expressed my gratitude and told him I was fully pleased with the job done and left a positive review about the work he’s done.

Edubirdie.com Essay Service Review

I submitted my essay the next day, feeling a bit apprehensive but confident. I got the results the following week – and they were awesome! I passed this subject quite well, and my instructor commented the original yet professional outlook of the paper. I will be coming back soon for another order. These guys kept to their own part of the bargain all the way. For those who wish to entertain the “Edubirdie.com scam” notion, well good luck to you. As it follows from my review I would recommend reliable essay writing service EduBirdie.com to anyone who needs assistance with their school assignments; they understand their job.


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1 Comment

  • Larry Holland says:

    The service is worth trying

    I have always had problems with writing. Last week, when my new teacher told me to write and submit an argumentative essay, I began to scratch my head. It had a tight deadline, and my prestige in the class depended on the paper. To save me from this embarrassment, a friend of mine told me about Edubirdie. I read some reviews and decided to give it a try. I ordered the essay. To my surprise, I found that Edubirdie has many competent writers who really know what they are doing. The writer I hired listened to my requirements and asked me some relevant questions. And when I received the essay, I found that it was really well-written. It was a high-quality essay. During the whole process of writing, the writer communicated me and wanted to know if he was on the right track. I know that there are folks who are hesitant. I would like to tell them to try it because the end result will certainly make them happy. Edubirdie has done a great job for me.

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