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Good Review of EduBirdie.com Essay Writing Services

Hi! My name is Kell. I’m a college sophomore in California, and I’m majoring in psychology. All in all, I’d like to think I’m a pretty good student when it comes to the humanities–when it comes to math and science courses, though, I’m completely lost. This review is about me last semester finding out that I was required to take a natural science course for my gen ed credits, I was so scared I almost cried. I struggled hard and really tried to do well on my own in biology 101, but my grades were abysmal. What’s more, I spent so much time trying (and failing…) in bio that I fell behind in my favorite psych classes and those grades started to suffer, too. I knew I had to take action and fast!

Good Review of EduBirdie.com Services

How the EduBirdie is Made

When my friend Steve first suggested I use a paper writing service to help complete my assignments, before reading all the positive reviews,  I was rather skeptical. How could I guarantee that a paper (or lab report, in my case) written by a stranger on the internet would be of an acceptable quality? Would they recycle old assignments they wrote or plagiarize by copying directly from other papers? Can my professor find out that I used this service? And if it’s professional writers they’ve got working for them, it must cost a fortune, right?

In the past couple years, Steve tried several different academic writing services before discovering EduBirdie, which is immediately where he directed me, insisting it was the best on the market.

Let’s review EduBirdie more closely

Well, for starters, the EduBirdie.com website is super user-friendly and easy to navigate. I just had to supply my email address and the type of assignment I needed to be completed, and was off and running! I was expecting to just be assigned a writer at the start but was pleasantly surprised to find that a bidding system was in place. In this arrangement, different writers in the system vie to be granted the chance to work on your assignment, and you, the client, gets to decide which one you want. After some deliberation, I decided to go with a writer named Heather who has an MS degree and teaches biology at the community college level. She was super friendly and encouraging and helped me understand the content as she wrote it–I wish my real professors were that helpful!  

It’s also important to mention in this review of EduBirdie.com that all my concerns about plagiarism were quickly assuaged, too. As Heather was incessant about citing sources–at times more than I thought entirely necessary–but better safe than sorry, right? I’d say I learned some new information about formatting bibliographies that I never had before. Apparently, all the writers at EduBirdie are required to apply anti-plagiarism software to every assignment they take on, so this review proves that there is no chance they fail to recognize copied material, it won’t go unchecked.

Good Review of EduBirdie.com Services


As for timing, I had two weeks to prepare my assignment, during which time Heather revised the report twice. I also think it’s important to mention in this review that EduBirdie allows for an infinite number of revisions before settling on a final product. I’m grateful that I didn’t need many, but totally appreciate that the option for more was there. According to the Edubirdie.com website, they offer turnaround in as little as three days–it sounds a little nerve-wracking, but I’m confident they can produce high-quality paper in that time–far better than I could do, myself, under that kinda deadline stress!

“Work of this caliber has got to cost a pretty penny!” That’s what I assumed from the outset, at least. Imagine my surprise when I found out that at just $18 per page, I wouldn’t have to touch my savings account at all. The way I figure, the money I paid to EduBirdie is money I’d otherwise have spent pulling all-nighters at expensive coffee shops for the two weeks I spent working on the assignment, with no guarantees that I’d even get a passing grade!

EduBirdie has the option of ordering from a Standard, Premium, or Platinum writer on their server, based on a history of good reviews, and are priced accordingly. I’m very lucky that I found an extremely talented expert who is fairly new to the service, so I only had to pay the Standard price for her help. If you have the extra cash to spare, I’d probably recommend hiring a Premium or Platinum writer for greater quality assurance.

Reviewing the quality…

Good Review of EduBirdie.com Services

Okay, so this didn’t happen to me, personally, but Steve, in his review, says he worked with an EduBirdie writer like two or three times and was quite happy with the paper produced. He specifically sought out that writer for an additional assignment, which the guy (or girl? I forget) accepted, and then promptly vanished into thin air. Steve tried contacting the writer a number of times, as did the EduBirdie admin staff but got no response. Fortunately, Steve was able to connect with another expert in time to meet his deadline, but it was close. To me at least, it doesn’t seem like the company itself is to blame so much as the AWOL writer. They go through a really rigorous screening process before hiring writers to work for their company, and Steve assured me that this person produced some really great work before dropping off the face of the earth. Long story short, while writing this review I thought that maybe it’s better to create a shortlist of your preferred writers, and not bank on one person to save you.

Good Review of EduBirdie.com Services

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m still fairly new to the world of academic writing services, but so far I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve found with EduBirdie, and totally plan to stick with their team of writers should I ever need to purchase an academic assignment again. Hope this review is helpful!



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