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Is Edubirdie Legit and Safe to Use?

Are you a student and need help with your assignment? When you are running low on time before the deadline, or you simply do not understand the question, you need legit help in order to get a good grade. Of course, your lecturers and professors always seem busy, and you may not be confident enough to ask for help. This is where Edubirdie can help you.

is edubirdie legit research by top5writingservices

But one of the top questions that students have is EduBirdie legit and safe to use? It is understood why you may be asking this after a lot of people have said some untrue things about essay writing services on Reddit. But let’s clear that all up and this guide will let you know everything there is to know about Edubirdie.com.

Let’s also look at the topic from different perspectives. This includes the views of students, teachers, and the law.

What Is Edubirdie?

First of all, you will want to know exactly what Edubirdie is. It is a legit professional academic writing service that can help you with essays you are struggling with. It provides you with custom-written essays of any kind that you need. This includes:

  • Term papers
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Article review
  • Book review
  • Presentations

It is important to note that Edubirdie and its services are all legal. There is no legislation in place that makes an essay writing service illegal. It is made sure that everything is above board and legit and that it helps students achieve the grades that they want.

How Does Edubirdie Work?

The way these services work is pretty simple. All students have to do is outline what kind of essay they need and what it is about. This lets one of the professional and expert writers know what you need. It is all legit.

The next stage is selecting a writer. You will be able to choose a writer that has the expertise and experience you are looking for. Every single of one of the professional writers has the knowledge and legit qualifications to write papers for us. Rest assured, you will be able to choose a writer that is an expert in the field that you need.

How Much is Edubirdie?

The price of the essay writing services will vary depending on how many pages you need. Usually, the price is set by the number of pages that are to be written. There may be other factors considered. The good thing is that you only have to make a deposit, to begin with. You only pay the full amount if you are happy with the paper that you receive. There is no hidden scam where you are obliged to pay for work you do not like. It is all legit.

A common question to get is: ‘Edubirdie if I don’t like the paper, do I get money back?’ The answer to this question is a strong yes. The company is legit and makes sure that students are very happy with the paper that they receive. They want you to be able to use this as a study aid and to achieve a good grade. That is why you will receive money back if you are not happy about the quality or content.

Is Edubirdie Cheating – Different Perspectives

One of the main worries for a lot of students is whether this essay writing service is called cheating or legit by their school or college. Let’s have a look at the different perspectives to see.

The Students

A lot of students want to know not only is EduBirdie legal but also is it cheating? There have been a lot of misconceptions made about essay writing services that are available online. This can make students worry. But the truth is, this service is legit and there to help you when you are struggling with a topic, or you do not have a lot of time:

edubirdie is legal


Is EduBirdie legit - Chegg.com


In addition, using Edubirdie is not cheating, and it is legit because the purpose of the papers is for study purposes only. The work that is ordered is to be used as a research and not to submit as your own. It is for reference and to help you understand a topic, whether it is for an exam or an assignment.

Therefore, using the writer’s essay for studying is not considered cheating, and it is legit. This is true as long as you do not submit the work as if you wrote it. You can use the information for studying and reading to gain a better understanding of the topic. You own the paper, so it is your responsibility to use it properly and in a legit way.

The Teachers

Most teachers recognize that it is an essay writing service that wants to help students achieve their potential. This is done by providing custom-made papers that the students ask for help on and it is legit. This is to be used as a study aid and to help them understand more about the topic. The lecturers and teachers know that this is a modern legit way to receive help and it is similar to hiring a tutor.

The only concern of teachers is that this service can be abused. This is the possibility that students can submit work as their own and no be legit, pretending that they put in the hard work. Of course, at no point is it condoned to use the essays and handing them in as your own. It is about simply providing you with help and the tools to create your best work in a legit way.

The Law

Edubirdie is a legit professional essay writing service that you can use when you are struggling with your studies. You also do not have to worry about cheating or illegal claims; it is viewed as a legit service. People also ask is Edubirdie safe? Absolutely. Everything at Edubirdie is legal and safe to use. There are no laws in place that prevent the service from running. It is a fact that:

edubirdie legit


There are no laws that ban this from happening, and no one will know that you have used the services. You can use the writers as much as you need to achieve good grades and develop a better understanding of the topics you are studying. Therefore, Edu birdie is a legit company you can use.

Conclusion – Is Edu birdie Legit?

So, is EduBirdie reliable, and is this service legit? From the perspective of students, teachers and the law, the answer is yes, it is legit. They all agree that this is a service that should be used for study and that it can be beneficial for learning purposes. But there is a responsibility not to abuse this service and claim work as your own. This will not benefit students. Only when you use the work in a legit way will it help you.

Write your opinion in the comments! EduBirdie is legit or not?


  • Jacob says:

    As a freelance content writer, I need access to a myriad of tools and services. You have to be able to deliver quick and quality content to a range of different clients. To that end, I only use credible and legitimate services – I can confirm that EduBirdie is one of them. I have worked for this site and also used their tools – both instances gave me favorable experiences.
    Content writing – I worked with Edubirdie for several months as a writer. The experience was mainly positive. There is no denying that the deadlines were tight and the demand was high, but the rewards were balanced and fair. I never had any issues whilst working on their writing team and I was always paid on time for the full amount. The work was really varied and I would certainly work for them again in the future if I needed it.
    Writing tools – Aside from working for this site, I have also used their tools. The grammar checker is a favorite of mine – I use it frequently to double check my work. Obviously as a freelancer writer, quality is hugely important. I can use the checker and flag up any errors in an instance.
    To answer the original question – yes this website and service are legitimate.

  • Amy says:

    Yes, EdiBirdie is legit. I work as an academic writer for several years now, and EduBirdie is one of the educational platforms with which I cooperate. Actually, I write for several services because this allows me to get the desired workload. With regard to such an experience, I would say that EduBirdie is as legit as any other online writing service. Additionally, I would argue that it is one of the academic writing services that value its brand enough to ensure good quality of papers.
    While working for different writing services, I noticed that their marketing tactics are quite aggressive. They occasionally accuse each other in the lack of quality of papers, point out “high prices,” and call each other “unprofessional” without any reasonable proof. Unfortunately, most often, the only purpose of such “accusations” is to tell readers that there is another company that is supposedly better.
    While believing such reviews or not is a matter of individual choice, I argue that, more often than not, the quality of the paper depends on the chosen writer more than on the chosen service. Of course, the specific company makes its contribution, which can be either positive or not. In the case of EduBirdie, they take the hiring process rather seriously. In particular, they conduct interviews and require writers to pass grammatical and writing tests. When I applied to become their writer, they asked me to provide copies of diplomas so that they could check my educational background in addition to the results of tests and outcomes of an interview. Moreover, they allow taking only those orders that correspond to my area of expertise. I believe that by doing so, they protect customers and their own brand image because such actions eventually contribute to the quality of writing. Some of the other aspects that I value about this company include the readiness of managers to assist, 24/7 support, strict requirements to paper formatting, and absolute lack of tolerance to plagiarism. As a writer, I believe that such rules help maintain good quality of papers and make customers return.
    Still, no matter how hard the company tries to protect customers’ interests, there is a chance that a particular writer treats assignments without due professionalism. Although EduBirdie regularly monitors the work of writers, occasionally dismissing those who violate the company’s quality requirements, there are human factors. Therefore, I would recommend paying more attention to comments regarding the work of specific writers. They are more likely to be left by real customers, who objectively assess papers they have received, while many company reviews are written by rival marketers.
    EduBirdie is a legit academic service that helps students cope with assignments. It is a matter of discussion whether this company is better or worse than other online services, but what I do know for sure, they have policies that ensure quality, protecting the interests of customers. As a writer, I know several companies the academic services of which I would use, and EduBirdie is one of them.

  • Kennet says:

    Yes. As a grad student, I use this service for four years already and I wouldn’t do so if it wasn’t legit. I have several reasons to believe that services like EduBirdie are not only fully lawful but also completely necessary for those who receive education today. Here they are:

    • Online academic assistance as a kind of consulting services doesn’t break the law – Just as it is legitimate to find a tutor on campus, so it is legit to find one online. When I need a consultation regarding some assignment that I don’t understand on my own or regarding which I have some doubts, I get the expert assistance, and there is nothing unlawful about this. It’s just the way it works, and this is the whole point of education: to gain perfect understanding so that to become able to apply the attained knowledge in practice in the future.
    • EduBirdie services can be compared to review articles that are obviously legit – Review articles keep researchers informed about the state of research in some particular field by briefly summarizing the findings of recent studies. They save time and effort by enabling researchers, professors, students, and other interested parties to assess information by referring to a single source. The papers I’ve got from EduBirdie did the same for me: instead of wasting time doing research, I received a single piece that already accumulated all the essential information that I needed.
    • This service helps develop skills that are important today – It helped me to figure out what I can manage my time better, cope with multiple tasks within strict deadlines, and assess tasks based on importance and possibility of outsourcing. Such peculiarities of this service as setting deadlines for writers, providing a clear description of tasks, and communicating feedback made me more organized as a student. I started to better plan my own schedule, which eventually enabled me to cope with more tasks and have more free time.

    Despite the fact that I regularly use EduBirdie services, I still complete most if not all of my assignments on my own. Every piece of writing that I delivered while studying was done by me, even though some of my papers were proofread by professional editors and some of them were based on research done by EduBirdie writers. There is no cheating in using online grammar checkers to proofread one’s paper. There is no cheating in consulting the review articles. Similarly, there is no cheating in hiring another person to check your paper for mistakes or to write a review article that addresses your individual requirements. This service is just a tool that is comparable to other tools students use today without any limitations to make their studying more effective. Therefore, I see no reason to question the legitimacy of EduBirdie.

  • Shelly says:

    Let’s cut to the chase – Edubirdie is legit. I know there is a lot of fear that using a writing service is cheating or illegal. But there is no legislation or laws in place that back this up and it is more for using as a study aid and outline. When it comes to the company, they have a lot of experience when it comes to helping students, businessmen and other professionals. They have extensive positive reviews on their website.

    I’ve actually used to Edubirdie before for some informational essays I wanted to write. I found the customer service to be very helpful and professional. They were more than willing to help me before I placed an order. I found the price to be good compared to other writing companies. The website was secure and there were safe measures in place for payment.

    The essay that I received was top-notch. I was impressed by the extensive research and formatting. I didn’t have to make any changes – not even one grammar mistake to correct. It was clear that it had been written by someone with a lot of qualifications on the subject. I had such a positive experience with Edubirdie – I would advise you to ignore anyone saying it’s a scam.

  • Sandra Mozdzen says:

    Yes, Edubirdie is legit! It’s an essay writing service that is open for everyone. All you’ve got to do is choose the essay type you need to get started. I loved how they had over 200 writers to choose from. You can see their global ranking, how many papers they have completed and their success rate. I found this very helpful when I was choosing a writer for my speech.

    Here are some things I loved about the service:

    • The price – it’s fair and you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.
    • Customer service – very fast responses and extremely helpful.
    • Number of writers – so many qualified professionals to choose from.
    • Speed of delivery – quick turnaround for any situation.

    There are a lot of writing companies out there that claim they’re the best. But in my opinion, Edubirdie is the winner. Everything is legal and it’s not cheating when you use their service ethically. You can speak directly to the writer and discuss your requirements. You are still in complete control of your paper. When I was needing help for my speech, I was constantly adding new details and the writer was very accommodating. They actually completed my speech a day before it was due.

  • Cristina says:

    Absolutely! Edubirdie is totally legal and legit. I have used Edubirdie writing services in the past when I was first learning how to blog. I found it incredibly helpful to learn the ropes. I have to admit, I was reluctant to try the services at first. I didn’t know if the cost was good or if it was all a scam. But after some research, I decided to try them. I couldn’t be happier that I did. The writer I worked with was incredibly helpful and pointed out everything I needed to know. They showed me grammar tips, referencing and good structure for an article.

    Now that I work as a blogger, I still use some of their free services for my blog posts. For example, I would highly recommend the grammar checker. You just copy and paste in your blog post and it will flag any changes. I also use the plagiarism checker free of cost. Since a lot of my research is online, I always want to make sure that I credit other people’s work and don’t copy anything accidentally. This is a great tool for this. Within a minute, it will highlight any issues of plagiarism so that I can make the changes. This way, when my blog post goes live, there are no problems.

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