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Our GradesFixer Review for Students

For this review, we decided to take a look at a writing service that’s gaining popularity in today’s market: Gradesfixer. The obvious questions we asked were ones like is Gradesfixer legit and is Gradesfixer reliable with Turnitin? We also wanted to take a look at other things like professionalism, punctuality, and quality in this Gradesfixer Review.

We took a look at the website, ordered an essay, and went through the entire process from start to end so that we could deliver our conclusions to you. Here they are:

Gradesfixer Review: What is it and is Gradesfixer reliable?

For those of you who don’t know, Gradesfixer is an online website that offers students help with their essays. They offer a number of different resources and tips to help students write their papers. For students in a bind, they have free essay samples and an essay writing service. Their writing service has a comprehensive list of everything they offer, and it’s considerable! It’s also reliable.

gradesfixer review

The Professionals Who Write the Essays

Any online writing service is only as good as the writers they employ. Without those writers, after all, there wouldn’t be a writing service at all!

The biggest drawback we found that seemed to be shared online about the writer profiles is that they don’t have any accompanying photos. At first, we thought this was a con, but then we asked about it. What we discovered is that this site prefers that their writers have some level of anonymity, so they don’t post photos, which made us realize that this does give some protection to them, as well.

gradesfixer review

We discovered through the process that their essay creators are professional and do have to go through a significant number of checks to work for GradeFixer.com. The essay we received was well written, on time, and fully proofread.

The Gradesfixer Service for the Essays

Getting a paper written usually involves facing a looming deadline, which means that promptness and support are incredibly important for any writing website. So, what is the service like at gradesfixer? We put this one to the test, looking at how quickly they turned around the work we asked for and how their support responded to our inquiries.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that they offer support 24/7. We accessed the site’s support by chat and e-mail. We found that they got back to us pretty quickly by e-mail and were immediately available through chat.

Any questions we asked were promptly responded to, and any issues we asked help for were taken care of. We found the Gradesfixer support people to be both professional and friendly. They also prided themselves on being available at any time from the start of the essay and to the end.

The Payment Protection for Essays

You can measure a website by their prices, their payment options, and the payment protection that they offer their customers. It measures those three things that let you know if a website is legit or if it’s a scam.

Now, like any other website, gradesfixer has the occasional discount code or coupon that one can find online, but we were more interested in what kind of guarantees they had. We are happy to report that it was outlined right at the beginning and very clear. They do, indeed, have a money-back guarantee.

Having checked that box, we went on to see that they also accept all major credit cards and, of course, the all-important PayPal. Finally, their payment service is fully encrypted for their customer’s protection.

Prices and Ease of Making an Order

Even knowing that a writing service has a good staff and payment options doesn’t make up for a cumbersome ordering process or a gradesfixer cost that make you flinch, so this was the next item on our list to check off.

Again, we were delighted to find that the process to start and complete the order was simple and straightforward. All that we had to do was pick a writer, tell them what we needed, place the order, and then we waited a reasonable amount of time for the essay.

We specifically asked if we had to pay right away and were glad to know that we only paid if we were satisfied with what we received. In comparison to other websites, we also found that the pricing was reasonable.

The Quality of the Essay

So, was the essay we received from this paper writing service up to snuff? We found that the quality of what was provided was top notch. It was written and delivered within the set deadline; it was free of plagiarism and did not have any noticeable errors that we could find.

As to the quality of the writing, we found that the essay was structured well, clearly written, and quite informative. It was particularly appreciated that the final product was supplied with time to spare so that any corrections that we might have wanted could be made.

In addition to receiving a good essay, this critic found that the site also provided many free tools, including a conclusion creator and a free plagiarism checker.

The Quality of the GradesFixer Essay

Conclusion for My.Gradesfixer Reviews

We found these items met our checklist:

  • Is gradesfixer legit? Yes, absolutely. Gradesfixer is the real deal.
  • Is gradesfixer reliable with Turnitin? Yes.
  • Is this site easy to use? From login to logout, we found that the entire service is straightforward, easy to use, and has the support in place to make the entire process streamlined.
  • Are the writers professional? We can’t speak to every single one, of course, since we didn’t use them all, but the ones we used did a great job.
  • Are the payment options plentiful and reliable? Yes, and it’s easily located on the main page of the website.
  • Does the website produce good quality papers? Again, we came up with all smiles on what we got.

In conclusion, Gradesfixer.com is a legitimate, professional, and streamlined service that we do recommend, but don’t just take our word for granted, feel free to look up the positive testimonials online.